TrendNet TEW-812DRU Possibly Bricked

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 08, 2020 18:13    Post subject: TrendNet TEW-812DRU Possibly Bricked Reply with quote

Long time lurker first time poster.

About 2 weeks ago I attempted to flash my router, however I feel something went wrong as I am unable to ping it. I've been looking over everything and cannot for the life of me figure out what to do next. I've since forgotten the IP address of the router; I've followed the Peacock Thread-FAQ #6, but am unable to get a response from any pings.

I've run an arp -a in cmd and got an IP address for the router, as it does not show up when I run it again after it's disconnected, however when I attempt to ping it I get a TTL=128.

I've attempted to use tftp2 with that IP but it got no response. I've set my IP to attempt to match it then use tftp2 again, but to no avail.

Is there anything that can be done? I look forward to any advice or direction. Please note I am knowledgeable when it comes to techie things, but need direction as I lack the understanding to the nuance of many aspects.

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Within the first 5 Google results for "TEW-812DRU":

Entire topic can be read from here:

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Wow! This is why I posted; you are awesome. Thank you for the direction. I will do what I can with what has been presented.

Hopefully I am able to get it back to some semblance of working again.

Have a great day! Very Happy


Every time I tried to access the emergency web server it would not connect, but after reading further (how did I miss this) I tried other "quicker" methods suggested and I was able to upload a clean version of the stock firmware. It's back to working order!

Even though it is out there, I'll just put what I did in case someone else misses it in the reams and reams of pages.

Be sure to have Wireshark or something that will give you real time network traffic. Open that up, get it ready to monitor and get a web browser pointed to Connect the router to your computer via Ethernet then plug it in. Switch to your browser (split screen works best) right away and press enter as soon as data starts to stream in Wireshark. This should bring the emergency web server up to allow you to upload the firmware. It's been suggested that you do the latest stock firmware to get it back to factory before adding DD-wrt again.

If this doesn't work for you, it might take a few tries as I had to reset the router about 4 times before it took the firmware. A tip of advice if you are not fast enough. When you plug the router in and the data starts to flow in Wireshark, go to to load the page. Browse to the firmware and get it ready to go, but don't upload yet. Unplug the router, wait 10 seconds, then plug it back in (with Wireshark still running). Then as the data flows once again, subit the firmware for upload and you SHOULD see a lot of green in Wireshark as the firmware is uploaded. Let it sit for a while (just to be safe) and the router will restart itself.

If everything went well, you'll have your router back to normal working condition at factory setting, or at least closest due to the updated firmware.

Here is the link for the v2 firmware: (Please note this is for v2 only; v1 can be found by selecting the version at the top of the page using the blue button or clicking the following link to choose your version

Thank you for your help in pointing me in the right direction kernel-panic69 you were an great help!
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