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PostPosted: Wed Apr 03, 2019 8:34    Post subject: Request for build advice. Reply with quote
Yesterday i've bricked my Asrock G10. I think I should invest in DIYing a router once and for all. For your information, I have a good ol' Athlon 4200+ CPU, and 8GB of ram available. Those old ethernet cards are 100mbps. I believe i might need a new Pcie one.

Being said that, Amazon's about to ship me a new G10 to me. Considering, I've bricked the router, i believe i didn't break my new router's external insurance's warranty. The insurance's sending me a new one and Amazon paid for me in advanced. I would recommend Amazon for their splendid customers supports.

Anyway, the router has QCA9980. In fact, a very good 4x4 Wifi RTL8192EU in it.

Is it possible for me to take them out, and put them on the PC? Is there anyway that i can make it run with a computer as a support peripheral, by using the computer to compute all the tasks? Secondly, if it's better for me to buy the whole set of ethernet cards. Is there anyway to use another router to increase the bandwidths, or channels? For instance, @2.4ghz PC 40hz+router40hz = 80hz.

I am planning to run ClamAV, adblockers for sure, maybe an OpenVPN, or Tor.

I am focusing on privacy for my sensitive datas, and latency for gaming.

Lately, I had most of updates deleted. I changed the registry, I changed everything i think i knew. Believe it or not they turned the PC into safe mode, took screenshots, and reinstalled the new one! I haven't been pirating for yearssss, i believe. I sent them the e-mail and they locked out my e-mail and asked me for the phone number i haven't used for a decade.

Nevertheless, which license should i buy? I don't think I want to get the super channels. However, I think it's appropriate to support you guys. Should you consider getting VPN, and TOR on the router too overkill for me?

Please pardon me if i've asked some stupid questions. I just learnt how to flash my router last night. This is a brand new thing for me.

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 03, 2019 12:07    Post subject: Reply with quote
I am using an ASUS P5N-EM with a quad core intel with 2 gigs of ram and 2X dualport gigabit pci,a quad port intel 350 pcie and 1 single port pcie with the onboard lan that gives me ten connections I am using it for primary router with openvpn (client) now on a normal router I would get 1 MBps on the the pc its 18MBps (I top out at 18.75) and because netflix won't let you use a vpn so policy based routing is used I also have two wireless access points I would never buy a normal router again
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