Router to router serial (may be in wrong area)

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 23, 2017 11:28    Post subject: Router to router serial (may be in wrong area) Reply with quote
I have a Netgear WNDR3700v3 and a WNDR3400v2... I nuked the 3700v3 by foolishly trying a different open firmware... Its mostly bricked... I can't get in anywhere although lights flash so I know it boots some. I know to use the serial port to get it going again. I've googled and googled and no answer to my simple question. Please don't send me to the fiery pits of He## where there's no coffee if this question has been answered... Is my thinking correct that instead of a voltage shifting TTL, I could just telnet into my 3400v2 using it basically as a Linux console and link both serial ports together and send the commands from 3400v2 which works to the 3700v3? Without the need for anything but 3 wires between the two? I understand I would still need LAN cable and all to tftp in I'm just poor and if I have to use TTL I'll toss this one in the trash like I have all the rest.

PS... I'm sure this is a very generic question having absolutely nothing to do with brand or model or even chipset, because if I'm right with this one it should hold true with all SoC routers, correct?

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If it was a v1, v2 or v4 then it would be worth bothering with but a v3 is Broadcom chipset.

In theory yes, you can use the serial port on the 3400v2 as a dialout port. Usually you use a program like cu or tip to do this. I don't believe those are part of dd-wrt so you would need to go through the whole procedure of compiling a version for your 3400 router and installing it. Then what happens if while doing that you brick the 3400? Smile

You sound like a lot of guys I know who don't have a lot of money who have a car problem and want to fix it themselves not because they give a damn about engines or cars or driving but because they can't afford to pay a mechanic and just want to get it running again so they can continue ignoring it. Your post could have been ripped verbatim from the vehicle repair forums just replacing car with router.

My experience is that trying to approach any kind of repair by attempting to save money on the tooling needed to effect the repair is a recipe for disaster. If you aren't willing to cough up the $5 for the cable then you don't really care enough to successfully make it through all the work needed to setup cu or tip on the other router. Do yourself a favor and post the blown router in the free section of craigslist or on the buy nothing and let someone else in your area who does really want to learn have a shot at it, and spend the $5 on another used router out of the bins at Goodwill.
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