Help with first x86 installation - DHCP not working (r32170)

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 13, 2017 18:33    Post subject: Help with first x86 installation - DHCP not working (r32170) Reply with quote
I'm trying to get DD-WRT running on a PC.

I have a PC with a Gigabyte Motherboard, with one Integrated NIC and a PCI Intel PRO/1000 dual LAN NIC.

My Lynksys router recently died so I have the PC running Windows 10, and sharing my internet connection.

I have my Cable modem connected to Port 1 of the Intel PRO/1000, and the Port 2 goes to a Netgear Switch.

The integrated NIC is disabled in the bios.

Under Windows, everything works fine. All computers on my network can access the internet and other computers on the network.

I downloaded betas › 2017 › 06-01-2017-r32170 › x86dd-wrt_public_vga.image 59.23 MB 2017-06-01.
Flashed on a USB Stick.
Booted the computer from the USB Stick.

DD-WRT seems to boot fine, but I eventually get these messages every few seconds :

gethostbyname: Network is unreachable
connect: Network is unreachable
connect: Network is unreachable
connect: Network is unreachable

running ifconfig at the console shows that Eth0 has a default IP address (does not get a IP from the ISP) and Eth1 has

The computers on the network do not get a DHCP address from DD-WRT.

I tried configuring a Pc on the network with a static Ip, but the DD-WRT web interface remains inacessible. does not responds to ping.

I used this config for the static IP :

IP :
Mask :
Default Gateway :

Another thing I noticed : all the light on every used port the Netgear switch flash synchronously. I would expect random flashing.

Any ideas for me?

Thank you!

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 18, 2017 20:12    Post subject: Try this Reply with quote
you have it backwards.

The port that has is for the switch to connect to.

Switch the Ethernet cables on the Intel Pro 1000
Eth1 should be connected to the netgear switch.

Eth0 should be on your cable modem.

Now your pc should have its IP settings on Auto it will ask DD-WRT for an ip address and it will set itself.

Then access the webgui at

Login with root for username and admin for password and change it to your liking. It will ask you to change the default user name and password.

Then once you get into the webGUI.

Go to setup then Basic setup.

Use DHCP automatic connection for WAN. Sometimes its set to disabled. Then click save and apply on the bottom.

Then next unplug the power from the cable modem and wait 10 seconds. Then plug it back in. Let the modem boot up and give it 2 mins to boot and assign an IP to your DD-WRT box. If you do not power cycle the modem you will not get an ip address since most cable ISP will lock the IP to 1 MAC address of a NIC card. Switching Computers or routers without cycling the power on the cable modem the modem will not notice a new network adapter has been connected. report back if you got questions or having trouble.

Also word up. If your computer has a 64bit processor you should really be using the x64 version. It has better NIC support over the 32bit version and if you have dual core system running the 32bit I believe does not use more than 1 cpu core with the free version but the 64bit version supports dual core and higher for the free version.
Use this one here.
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