AC-68u QoS Bypass for Gaming

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 12, 2017 3:20    Post subject: AC-68u QoS Bypass for Gaming Reply with quote
In the category of weird, I've been using DDWRT for years and am quite familiar with QoS on these routers. I play a lot of FPSs and as such I tend to be really sensitive to latency. I also stream games and as such I need to manage my upload in a way that doesn't impact my ability to play games.

So of course the obvious answer is to enable QoS, right? I have, I've tried it on three different routers, with the most recent being my AC-68u. Now what it does is smooth all my uploads and downloads from a ping perspective. While running a ping my latency seems rock solid, however while playing games I get some sort of weird 'input latency', at least that's the way it feels. Where stuff in the game seems like it's happening behind everyone else. For instance while playing Overwatch and watching other players Killcams of me, it looks like where I'm aiming is behind the target and indeed from a statistical standpoint my accuracy is even lower by a decent margin.

I've tried HFSC (which works the best) and HTB, in addition to all the queuing disciplines and they all seem to have this weird input lag. It's like everything is being buffered or maybe the router can't keep up, but that should show up in my ping correct?

Anyways, this has lead me to simply not using QoS at all and carefully manage my connection. I have a couple workarounds including using a different connection and feeding gaming traffic through it and having one connection behind a second router that's using QoS and a primary connection that all the gaming traffic is fed through going to my primary router.

I understand I shouldn't need to do this, but as it turns out I do... I'm not certain what is causing it, I just know I'm experiencing the symptoms, which leads me to ask if there is a way I can setup a connection in DDWRT to completely bypass QoS while all the other connections are subject to it?

I've already tried changing priorities and such and it doesn't seem to fix anything. It seems as though just using QoS itself instills some sort of buffering or weird version of lag for a generic use of a term.
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