Buffalo WSR-300HP/WSR-600DHP (Japan) - any experience?

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 22, 2017 7:47    Post subject: Buffalo WSR-300HP/WSR-600DHP (Japan) - any experience? Reply with quote
Does anyone have any experience of installing dd-wrt on, or any familiarity with, either the Buffalo WSR-300HP or WSR-600DHP Japanese models? I've checked the supported devices, the blacklist, the wiki and this forum but can find no mention of these, so I imagine not (and have seen the comment "If you don't find your hardware below, then it is probably not yet supported" on the supported devices page), but I just thought I'd ask on the off-chance. The only Buffalo router on the blacklist was WZR2-G300N.

Here in Japan, the model numbers are often different to the US/rest-of-world, so it's difficult to find much in the supported devices list (though I see there have been a few "Japan model" ones). However, there are similar model numbers to these listed in supported devices, the WZR-300HP and WZR-600DHP (which have dd-wrt pre-installed on Amazon) - these are Atheros-based, according to supported devices. However, they aren't available in Japan and, despite being a Japanese company, Buffalo doesn't seem to sell dd-wrt pre-installed routers here.

Feature-wise, these Japanese/US models look similar, if not exactly the same - the 300HP is single-band, 802.11n and the 600DHP is dual-band, 802.11n. The casing is different, but all the Japanese models look different. Unfortunately, the Buffalo Japan site doesn't detail the amount of flash memory, so I'd probably have to check with them directly.

Here are links to these (the Japanese models are in Japanese unfortunately, but I'll post them anyway):

WSR-300HP: http://buffalo.jp/product/wireless-lan/ap/wsr-300hp/
WZR-300HP: https://www.amazon.com/Buffalo-AirStation-HighPower-Wireless-WZR-300HP/dp/B0096239FG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1500680272&sr=8-1&keywords=buffalo+WZR-300HP

WSR-600DHP: http://buffalo.jp/product/wireless-lan/ap/wsr-600dhp/
WZR-600DHP: https://www.amazon.com/Buffalo-AirStation-HighPower-Wireless-WZR-600DHP/dp/B0096239G0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1500691964&sr=8-1&keywords=buffalo+WZR-600DHP

Thanks in advance for any advice.
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