Linksys ea8500 port is ready

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 23, 2019 0:30    Post subject: Re: Kong_40270M-071119/ Reply with quote
deslatha wrote:
mrjcd wrote:
Mrmoves wrote:

Anyone tried Kong_40270M-071119 yet?

it does good but you need to flash through CLI from telnet

mtd erase linux
mtd erase linux2

mtd write /tmp...fw.bin linux
mtd write /tmp...fw.bin linux2

erase to see if mtd13 and 15 (linux and linux2) have bad block.
open fw in hex and delete 0x1B @ start 0x27. Save as bin into usb and flash.(easy way).

notice: must flash both mtd13 & 15 or you get bootloop.

That is complete NONSENSE. Rolling Eyes
I don't know what you are someone may have done to your EA8500 but please don't post such here Confused

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 23, 2019 0:44    Post subject: Reply with quote
Rocketboy235 wrote:
msoengineer wrote:
mrjcd wrote:
pakesusu wrote:

I bought E8500 on SG, with the following firmware version: (

The firmware cannot be upgraded from FW_EA8500_1.1.3.166845_prod.img to FW_EA8500_1.1.9.x_prod.img, after updating it, it will failover to default version over and over again.

Means if I want to be upgraded to ddwrt, I have to use USB serial? I previously planned to upgrade using the E8500WW firmware.

Just guessing .... the EA8500 router you have is a made for North America (US) EA8500
That means you cannot go from a firmware that old to directly Linksys latest.
Look at 'For US' in this link --->
this is no place to ask about upgrading Linksys firware to another Linksys firmware.
You should call them or ask at

If you're looking to switch to DD-WRT, don't install the latest Linksys firmware. The last Linksys firware that will allow you to run dd-wrt without having to use a serial to USB "hack" is

Otherwise, MRJCD is right on...not a place to ask about linksys firmware...

You should run Kong's firmware if you're going to run DD-WRT on the EA8500.

To go from linksys to DD-WRT use this firmware first:

Then you can use BIN files for DD-WRT to DD-WRT updates:

The test folder has the latest builds made by Kong, but beware they are running on the newer Linux K4.19 kernel which slows down the router on ISP connections over 75mbps.
If your connection is faster. stick to the build in the non test folder.

Can someone tell me why the newer Linux K4.19 test build has a major impact on routers with ISP connections over 75 mbps speeds? Just curious if there is a ticket open that I can look at exactly. Thanks.

Doesn't impact me much though since my ISP speed is 70 mbps haha.

The problem is boottrap if you knew about android. Same way, linksys used 2 fw which for back fw up in case bad flash or bad block of nand ic. but it used only 1 nvram come from prikern which starts at 0xf80000 (3MB). Then it used 2nd rootfs from 2nd fw which starts 0x3780000. so --->> it is a mess.
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 15, 2019 16:21    Post subject: Reply with quote
Does anyone know whats the last best DD-WRT version for the EA8500?

Went to here and it looks like Kong or whoever runs this has moved on unfortunately. Sad

Going here gives a 404 Error...

but going one directory up reveals a notice.
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