help with configs & ips of a "complex" network

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 22, 2020 19:57    Post subject: help with configs & ips of a "complex" network Reply with quote
hello and well done for your work..
i use your image with a dlink dir-300 rev b from many years ago : i updated my router that was having : firmware dd-wrt v24-sp2 03/25/13 std with latest made the 19 of june .
that looks ok ..
[beside i wonder if should use an older one because of the 4/32 Mo change ]

i hope you will make some "images" for the zyxxel usg40 .. mostly because after a year of "normal" use.. i now have to buy a $500 licence for just updating the virus def..while there are a lot of free version doing it for free under windows..[ and that i find work better than in a router.. ]
may be a new team for this hardware will come : count me in ;']

here is my config of the network :

modem satellite

zyxxel usg40

H7 : pc : google / mail / torrents...dhcp

netgear 108 v2 : pc serveurs + linux

dir300 : connection receiver tv + wifi : printer + android

I MADE THE ip of LAN OF THE DIR 300 to receive ips and info compatible with the zyxel so they can find the web

i wonder if it is possible to use the web eth port of the dir 300 and shows to my pcs connected to the netgear or usg40 the servers its lan ?
that are at 192.168.1.:
onkyo 686 nr [ a receiver that does 7.1 audio and can get music from web server ]
receiver world : a vu+ duo that can stream his program..
receiver france : an aston .. that should be able to stream recorded files .

the dir 300 and its wifi is planed to connect to an epson printer wifi [ for lan printing.. by the ethernet ..[?] ]
by now i use the usb port..
i also use the wifi for the mobile..

i also have an other question .. about a very old modem i had before i started to use satellite . a livebox3play and the tv box extension..

i connected the router to my modem satellite and that was looking well working.. the problem is that i have a kind of login where i have to input a admin and password infos for login and "unlocking it"

i asked my provider : nornet that is owned by orange.. but they do not care...
i know that the firmware is so badly made that the wifi is easy to crack..
can you give me the new firmware for this box or the way to crack and remove the login page so i can use the two elements :

the sagemcom livebox3play at the place of the zyxxel or else , the tv uhd 90 slim is also made by sagemcom broadband sas

i did not found its "webpage" but it shows a clock with the right time .. it is connected web + sat


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PostPosted: Tue Jun 23, 2020 8:51    Post subject: Reply with quote
bienvenue Smile

Not sure what you want but consider using the DIR as a WAP:

It is old and slow and using it as a WAP you still extend your network

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