Using DD-WRT (on a WRT54Gv5) as a high TX powered wifi card

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 27, 2015 22:20    Post subject: Using DD-WRT (on a WRT54Gv5) as a high TX powered wifi card Reply with quote
So I have this question I cannot seem to find information on. Here is my configuration:

Cable (Comcast) Internet going into an Arris combo modem/router which is set to "bridged mode"

Cat5e cable running from a port on the Arris into my trusty WRT54Gv5 with DD-WRT 24Sp1 I Believe (oddly its from 09 it says, I thought v 24 was newer, but I did this flash on it about a year ago- Im kinda curious if I have to stick with the recommended firmware version but thats another issue)

The WRT54Gvg with DD-WRT is usually just set to AP mode, with wifi on or off depending. I cannot spoof a MAC address on it oddly, and get a connection from my ISP. At first I could, but I think they noted the serial number of the Linksys router or something.. they know more than me.

So today Im doing this weird thing where IM running an x86 .vdi in virtualbox here on my Linux host (Solus Linux) and I have 3 connections on the vbox itself preferences.. two client bridges, one wireless one ethernet and one host only network set to (as instructed , again oddly). So I logged in and went to in my Host OS (Linux) browser and I notice the firmware is diffeeren.t Yep, its an older release and I was actually accessing the vbox hosted DD-WRT, and with a little configuring.. turning STP on, and setting it to "router" mode instead of gateway, oh and DHCP forwarding on, I am able to access my outside internet seemingly through the vbox connection. I am not posotive of that though.

Ok sorry for the rant, but heres the deal. My one and only machine, a Toshiba laptop has an Atheros AR956x card. Ive been trying to modify the tx power to get it up to at least 30dbm, but cannot. iw set reg X does nothing, it continues to be set to 00 which limits it.

So long story short or tl;dr:
Can I possibly link my Atheros from Linux directly without running DD-WRT in vbox to my DD-WRT Access Point by using some special mode? What I want it to do is be an extension of my wireless card, so that I can (in theory) transmit ultra-high power like 251db. Again, in theory. This is so I can extend my range for things like WPS cracking and general pentesting, instead of getting a bunch of timeout errors. I know it wouldnt help my Rx so much, but is it even possible? If not possible that way, is it possible to tunnel it through vbox image of DD-WRT (again slightly older version) ?
The idea is that I want to be able to actually use an airmon-ng interface Tx-ing THROUGH the high powered antennas of the WRT54G with DD-WRT.

Hope that makes sense. Sorry for the long post, and this is my first, so hello.

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