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PostPosted: Thu Jul 25, 2013 5:05    Post subject: outers and Repeater Reply with quote
Hello everyone. This is my first time actually posting in the DD-WRT forum, but am a fan of this amazing piece of software.

Currently I am facing a problem to which seems to become more complicated as I delve. Here is the situation. Me and a couple roommates are living in a house (An old rustic house with THICK brick walls) which seems to stop signals from permeating very far. In order to alleviate the problem a secondary router(Ea6500, which sadly does not support dd-wrt and a Netgear WN2500RN) and wireless repeater were purchased.

Here is the setup:
The first router has DHCP enabled, and its IP is dynamic using WPA/WPA2-AES encryption . The repeater has its DHCP client off.

* ----> wireless connection
*_~~~> Wired connection via ethernet cat6

ActionTech v1000h (Modem/router 2.4GHz)------->Netgear WN2500 (Wireless Repeater,) ~~~~~~~~~> Cisco Ea6500(Secondary Router, Ethernet is plugged into WAN)

My problem is the optimization and implementation of the routers and repeater as to ensure optimal speeds. The current setup is the only feasible one, as the brick walls are to thick to go throughout on the Actiontech v1000h side. BUT, you are probably asking yourself. Why not buy a super long Ethernet cord? The problem is the layout of the house which is not very cable friendly.The end goal I want to accomplish is to have the Cisco Ea6500 as a router , as my macbook supports the AC speeds and a large percentage of the wireless things are on the Cisco ea6500 side as well. The wireless repeater I want to use mainly as a receiver, through disabling the broadcast capabilities (Both 2.4GHz and 5Ghz) and optimizing the 2.4GHz as the connection to the modem (V1000h) to achieve greater strength and speed. I have already tried implenting it to the best of my knowledge but am dumbstruck.

I would like any feedback which could help optimize and streamline the connections. Whether or not Dhcp should be on or off on any router. Should the ethernet cable be connected to the WAN or LAN port on the ea6500. Should I use static IPs on both the secondary router and wireless repeater, and any more beneficial suggestions.

Thanks for viewing and possibly answering Very Happy

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 25, 2013 19:52    Post subject: Reply with quote
Wiki: Linking routers.
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