WRT150N v1.1 Dropping Wireless

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 14, 2013 18:32    Post subject: WRT150N v1.1 Dropping Wireless Reply with quote
First off, I am using build 18946M NEWD Eko Mini. I have also used Brainslayer's 21676 build with the same issue.

An overview of my network is I have a B/G system using ch 1 that is the DHCP issuer and true gateway. I am using a WRT150N v1.1 in N only mode on ch 11. The N is ethernet to the G system. 100BaseT. Channel frequency in the area is clear.

The issue is the network wireless keeps dropping when any sizeable data starts going through it. (Anything more than a text based webpage)

The router config is WAN disabled acting as a switch with AP. Configuration followed is "Wireless Access Point" in the wiki. The wireless light stays on on the router however all clients show the AP disappearing and reappearing. When connected via ethernet to the N router, clients do not experience the issue. Only when connected wirelessly to N. G system works flawlessly but is a different router. All routers running DDWRT. Using WPA2 with AES.

When the router is in NAT mode(with WAN set to DHCP) the system works great. The problem is I need the N system and G system to be on the same subnet. When I do so, I experience the problem above. I have tried on Eko 18946 and Brainslayer's 21676 build. standard and mini. All experience same. Currently using Eko 18946 mini.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Try an earlier build. See forum announcements.
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