Bridging 2 homes for file sharing (each has seperate ISP)

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 11, 2013 7:11    Post subject: Bridging 2 homes for file sharing (each has seperate ISP) Reply with quote
I'm looking for some help in a network setup.

What I have are 2 homes directly next to each other. Approximately 100-150 feet apart.

I would like to bridge the 2 homes together while maintaining separate subnets and internet connections.

Home 1:
Has a ASUS RT-AC66U (stock firmware) router that serves as the connection to the internet as well as the dhcp server.

There is also a EOC-2610 (DD-WRT firmware) mounted on the roof with a 16dbi antenna which is hard wired to the ASUS RT-AC66U router. Currently it is being used as a slave to the primary router to extend my network to the backyard.

Home 2:
Has a Linksys N router (stock firmware) that serves as the connection to the internet as well as the dhcp server for that household.

Is there a way to have the EOC-2610 connect to HOME 1 via the ethernet port and have it also connect to the wifi of HOME 2 as a client and somehow bridge this together. Such that files can be shared between the 2 houses?

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 30, 2013 0:06    Post subject: Reply with quote
Yes, this is possible. You can go the proper way, and do RIP routing; but there is a far easier way for this simple of a setup- static routing.

This *CAN* be done with just 2 devices; assuming that you can get a signal between the 2; and that the 2 devices have compatible WDS protocols.. The example below is using 4 devices- with 2x bridge devices, to simplify configuration and ensure performance.

In my description, the devices are called:
HouseA-AP - AccessPoint at house A
HouseA-BR - WiFi bridge at house A, pointed at house B

HouseB-AP - AccessPoint at house B
HouseB-BR - WiFi bridge at house B, pointed at house A

Both access points will need DD-WRT/OpenWRT/access to the shell.

Wan connection setup, LAN set to, broadcasting DHCP, and all that good stuff.
get into the shell, and execute:
# route add -net gw
because this is's gateway; packets from that network will come to this router; then be redirected back into the network, to (the other AP), and routed to the proper target

Standard bridge setup- no NAT/firewalls/etc; setup as a WDS AP (WEP only), ip

Standard bridge setup- no NAT/firewalls/etc; setup as a WDS Client (WEP only), ip

This is where the configuration nightmare begins.
setup as a standard AP, setup the WAN; NAT; DHCP; etc... LAN ip
Pick one of the ports, for the bridge; remove it from the AP's bridge, and set it's IP to commands will depend on what this ap calls the bridge, and how it's ethernet ports are setup; but basically-
# brctl delif br-lan eth2
# ifconfig eth2 netmask

Basically; everything but HouseB-AP is a simple extended network, except for the simple routing rule on HouseA-AP.

HouseB-AP will have access to both networks directly, so no special routing is needed; linux will add the appropriate routing rule with you bring the ethernet interface up.

Because HouseB-AP has 3 networks, it's going to be a bit slow; so try to keep the "beefier" AP on that end.

Also; you will not get linespeed transfers out of this- because packets will be going through twice; your going to be cutting your bandwidth in half. You can add a 3rd network between the AP's to eliminate this, but that makes things very complicated.

I have a very similar setup to this; but the link goes 3.1km. I opted for 3 networks, and RIP routing; but when I first set it up, I set it up as described above; as the above setup requires the fewest settings.

If you were to drop one of the bridges, or both of them; you will likely end up having to add an EoIP tunnel over the wireless link to compensate for the devices not having compatible WDS. WDS compatibility is based on the wifi chip and the SDK used to build the drivers, not the brand of the device.

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