WNDR3700->WNDR3300->WNDR3300 (Multi-router repeater br

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 10, 2011 0:25    Post subject: WNDR3700->WNDR3300->WNDR3300 (Multi-router repeater br Reply with quote
I have configured 3 routers with dd-wrt (Netgear: 1xWNDR3700 and 2xWNDR3300).

The WNDR3700 is the base AP, and the 2 WNDR3300 routers are configured as "Repeater Bridge".

I configured the Repeater Bridge network using the 5Ghz 802.11 N-only network. I created a virtual interface on the WNDR3300's which I assume would be used for 802.11n clients. I don't have any 802.11n clients so the virtual interface is there just-in-case. The wired clients connected to the WNDR3300s appear to work fine, so I will assume that the repeater bridge network configuration is working correctly.

The Network goes like this:

So the first 3300 uses the second 3300 as the gateway,the second 330 uses the 3700 as a gateway, and the 3700 uses a multi-purpose server/router as the gateway.

On the 2.4GHz interface on all 3 routers I configured a Mixed b/g network all with the exact settings (SSID channel, encryption, etc.). I put this interface in "AP" mode for all three routers. The thought here is that roaming b/g clients (tablets, phones, etc) could connect to the access point with the strongest signal.

I don't necessarily see the roaming clients dynamically connecting to AP with strongest signal, but it does appear like if the mobile client is disconnected and reconnected it will connect to the AP with the strongest signal.

Although this configuration is working at least to the eye, I was wondering if this is really a "working" solution. For example am I creating some sort of looping wireless network that is generating a ton of errors? Is this the correct solution to support b/g clients and yet use the 5Ghz/N network for the repeating bridge?

I did not go the WDS route as I have both broadcomm and atheros chipsets in the mix; so based on the Wikis it looked like the repeater bridge was the next best solution. I did not see any documentation using the configuration I am using (multi-routers with repeater bridge and using both radios for different functions), so I just wanted another opinion if this is a good configuration to use.

Thank You.
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