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sisyphos wrote:
AreA wrote:
WAN IP is not working (blank instead of

WAN IP problem confirmed, but then solved after second try

I successfully flashed the dd-wrt.v24-26138_NEWD-2_K2.6_big-nv64k.bin build on my Linksys E1200v2. When I did it the first time (from initial trailing build) I did expirience the same problem with the WAN IP.

Then I played around with other builds, which were all flushed successfully:
- dd-wrt.v24-18946_NEWD-2_K2.6_mega-nv64k.bin
- usb-ftp-samba3-vpn-nv64k-broadcom.bin (DD-WRT v24-sp2 (06/07/14) vpnkong (SVN revision 22000M)

Initially I always used "reset to default settings" when flashing.

Finally I wanted to give 26138 a last try. This time (comming from the kong build) I used "don't reset".

Now the WAN IP was working. I didn't see any major flaws by now. Uptime: 1 day, 35 min.

My update proceure is as follows:
- 30-30-30 reset, power cycle, enter new pw
- flush firmware via webgui, initially using "reset to default settings", but later "don't reset"
- wait 5 minutes (maybe 3 would have been enough, but I wanted to play it save).
- power cycle, enter new pw
- 30-30-30 reset, power cycle, enter new pw
- test internet access by opening any public web site.

I noticed that without the power cycle after the 30-30-30 reset I don't get a cable connection to the router when it is up again, but I can see the dd-wrt on the wifi and can connect to the router via wifi.

Therefore I now always do a power cycle after 30-30-30 reset.

The E1200v2 is just picky that way... usually will lose port function after a reset....and at times
in a tangled mess you may have to reinstall firmware via wireless to regain port function.
Usually not a big deal -- just have to unplug/replug and it's good.

These routers will run the K3.x builds very well and are needed with most newer builds for
Repeater Bridge mode to work.
IF You Ever Ungrade to a k3.x build some things you should know---
You need to install a K2.6 mini trailed build before installing a K3.x build.
See >>> http://www.dd-wrt.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=967136#967136

Also you can use either one of the K3.x builds on the E1200v2 ...e.g ¬

And you cannot install a K3.x build over a K3.x build ---you must go back to a K2.6 mini first,
as noted in SinCalChewy's post
---- I've tried many many times Smile
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