Linksys WRT160N V3 CSE31, CSE41, CSE51 Wireless Bridge

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 28, 2011 16:31    Post subject: Reply with quote
osmosis wrote:
Haha so we may finally have a solution: don't use DD-WRT. :lol:

Thanks for the info LOM, however, the fact still remains that the dropping issue is only present on the more recent serial numbered (CSE41 somewhat, definitely CSE51) routers. I believe you when you say it's more likely the driver, but I'm still curious as to if you know why the performance could vary so wildly between routers which are supposed to have the same spec.

But Tomato is of course only a temporary solution Very Happy
It is also interesting to find out if latest stock firmware has the same problem or if the problem arrives with the flashing of dd-wrt.

I don't know if the performance varies so wildly between versions, I see CSE21/31 users with the same complaints and I see CSE41/51 users who swear it works 100% stable..
The first thing you have to know when trying to make fault statistics is how many of each versions there has been sold, without that knowledge and with a small sample of user feedback it is not possible to draw any useful conclusion.

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 28, 2011 17:18    Post subject: Reply with quote
LOM wrote:
Sorry boys but I don't buy your cfe replacement theories and that for the simple reason that the cfe does not initialize or touch the radio, that is done in the firmware.

I have one of those 160v3's and it is a quite mediocre router, very entry-level, I'd say that it is the crappiest router of those I own. Sad

I've lent it to a friend otherwise I would have made a test by installing Tomato onto it, maybe someone else can do that?
They have a much more recent radio driver than dd-wrt and I strongly suspect the driver to be the culprit.
There is some work being done now on updated Broadcom radio drivers for dd-wrt but they will prolly not be ready for some time.
It would be very interesting to know how the driver version that Tomato uses performs on the router..

I'll check Tomato out and see what comes of it. I'm only keeping the 160s around for customers anymore, got a 400 and haven't touched it since I installed it. I would like to see if the problem with the CSE51 can be solved though, there seems to be a bunch of them out there.

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 23, 2011 3:02    Post subject: Reply with quote
I was looking at Cisco's url and there are several post regarding signal drop with the wrt-160nv3, not sure what cfe# but I suspect 51 like mine.

I have added extra cooling and swapped out the power adapter to a 1000ma and this has produced a measurable difference.

I am wondering if a capacitor upgrade might also help this issue the tulatium are a better quality electrolytic cap or maybe a ceramic as did see some specs over at digikey catalog for dc to dc power smoothing circuit.

The caps would only run a few dollars total the shipping would be more.
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 25, 2011 23:46    Post subject: Reply with quote
Same here, I can finally use N mode. I got a "stock" Tomato and just flashed it.

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 26, 2011 16:04    Post subject: Reply with quote
Newest SVN has newer Broadcom radio drivers in it.. so as soon as things are stable enough hopefully we'll have a working DD-WRT solution as well. Smile
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PostPosted: Sun Apr 10, 2011 4:04    Post subject: Reply with quote
I have a netgear wnr2000v2 which I have read on other posts is a wrt160nv3 clone.
I downloaded the cfe_e1000.bin and made the appropriate changes with with the MAC address pin and serial number from my router. Followed the instructions and uploaded just fine! web GUI now shows up as a Cisco e1000v1
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