No reply to your post? Here's why! (DD-WRT inconsistencies)

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 06, 2010 14:16    Post subject: No reply to your post? Here's why! (DD-WRT inconsistencies) Reply with quote
There are four primary reasons why people did not answer your question.

1. The answer is in the announcements at the start of this forum, that you were supposed to read before you posted.

2. The information that we need, and that you are requested to post (listed in the announcements) is absent from your thread.

3. Your question is a mess of information, has insufficient information and/or no one understands what you are asking or what the problem is.

4. No one who has read your question knows your answer.

These four reasons are posted in order of likelihood, with number 1 being the most likely.

On number 1, you need to read the announcements. If you have a question about firmware you should read the recommended firmware announcement. You should always fully understand the required reading section of the peacock announcement. Many of the answers to questions are already there and don't need to be re-typed for you.

Many people think that they are asking a simple question and should be entitled to a simple answer. DD-wrt is complex. What you don't know is what causes you to brick your router. There are k26 builds, newd2 builds, experimental builds, a router database that is telling you to use bad builds....things are not consistent around here. Those of us who have been around for a while understand this. The announcements are a way to help you sort his out before you take a wrong step. You need to understand all of this before you post. And people do expect you to do your part. Giving you some information, when you clearly don't have the rest, can be very dangerous.

On number 2, dd-wrt is an ever changing product that needs to be used properly. Problems are common especially with people who don't understand the inconsistencies in the information. We need to know stuff to help you. There is basic information that is requested with respect to what you have done, that we always need to assist. SP1 is very different than build 11296. K26 is very different than k24. We cannot assist meaningfully with vague information. As a starting point, we need the information that is set out in the announcements. (And so do you)

On number 3, while it is important to provide required information, try to stay on topic and make sure your issue, and what you have done, is clear. Keep it simple but fully explain things. (You can do both). Make sure you start new thread with your issue. What you think is "the same" often isn't.

On number 4, there are a lot of people with a lot of knowledge around here, but some people are trying some pretty complex things. Not a lot of the regulars really understand IPtables, for example. There are some excellent wiki articles and make sure you read them. But if you have read the announcements, posted the information that is requested there, have asked a clear question and provided the necessary information, and still don't have a response, it is because no one who has read the question has an answer. Wait at least 24 hours, and bump the thread. If you bump it and no one responds, it likely can't be answered here. Try elsewhere.

I am tired of telling people to read the announcements. And I am tired of being criticized for doing so. I will not tell people some of the information, the information that they THINK they need, when clearly they are missing a lot and are running a risk of bricking their router. I believe it is wrong to give people a little information when they are clearly missing a lot. I have felt it was better to tell them where the information can be found, rather than tell them nothing, but this is inconsistent with the generation who expects quick answers with little effort.

phuzi0n wrote:
If people choose to help you then be grateful, if not then figure things out yourself. Most information is available if you look hard enough.

So I plan to retire RTA. Hopefully, if people don't get a response they will turn to this thread.

Many of the decisions being made at higher levels don't make sense all of the time. Still having SP1 and 13064 as recommended builds when they don't work well is baffling. What people expect to be the case often isn't, and those who rely on quick answers and 'obvious' will be confused. DD-wrt is a remarkable project that attempts to effectively have three sets of firmware, one of which will work on all supported broadcom routers. This does get extraordinarily complex.

So, if you have turned to this thread because you wonder why you didn't get an answer, and are now asking:

Q- Should I read the announcements?
A- Indubitably!

If I've said it once, I've must have said it a thousand times! READ the announcements at the start of the broadcom forum!
(We'll wait....!) Wink
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