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PostPosted: Mon Oct 11, 2010 10:55    Post subject: [help] BEFVP41 problem Reply with quote
Now, I know there are few people who own one of these babies, and DD-WRT can't run on this hardware, but I would appreciate if some of you Linksys router gurus could give me a hint...
I have a Linksys BEFVP41 ver. 2 (doh) which behaves really strange. I gave the thingie the 30-30-30 second salute, and still can't access its web interface over LAN. The router isn't even pingable. BUT - and here comes my biggest surprise - it DOES assign a DHCP address to a client connected to one of its LAN interfaces (, GW, as expected from a Linksys router).
I connected to its serial interface, and the only thing it says when it boots is:
------- START AP --- IMG = VP21 ----

------- START watchdog timer----
pADEntry End 00497360
[end quote]
It even offers me a few commands I can run through the serial console, if I type an illegal command:
[quote again]
Illigal command: ?
Valid are :
macst -- Display MAC status
nvsave -- Save NV content
tcache -- Toggle cache
mbuf -- Show free memory buffer
mread <address> <length> -- Display memory content
mwrite <address> <data> -- Write data to memory
mcomp <address1> <address2> <length> -- Compare memory content
rpci <register offset> -- Display PCI Configure Register
wpci <register offset> <data> -- Set PCI Configure Register
cptest -- Estimate Duration of Different Copy Method
ppkt <eth_no> <tx(1)/rx(0)> <length> -- print packet
stack -- show system stack info
wdt -- on/off watch dog
wdtreset -- stop toggle watch dog
[end quote]

Question is: should I build a JTAG cable and try that ? is there a chance I could revive the thingie through JTAG ? or does anybody have any idea ? I thought serial console should have verbosely told me everything about the booting process, not only 4 lines of messages...
Thank you in advance. Any suggestion welcome.
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