Is Atheros XR (extended range) mode supported?

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 14, 2010 3:49    Post subject: Reply with quote
XR mode works great for us.

We have noticed a big improvement for some customers using 10mhz channel's in G mode with XR enabled.

XR makes one customer we have have a significantly better experience, As it brings there SNR up and out of the trouble zone. The noise floor here is 103DB with XR mode enabled, 97DB with it disabled.

Well ubiquiti client units do not seem to take advantage of XR mode, Tranzeo CPQ series radio's fully support this spec and it is always enabled.

edit: We use AR5414 based radio's in these ap's with XR mode enabled, We also make use of Custom set ack timing at the same time with no issues.

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 20, 2010 12:47    Post subject: Reply with quote
Hello Silonet,
You are the first ever I have seen or read about it actually being used/working!
Thanks for replying!!
What datarate/speed are you actually connecting at?

*just a thought*
Atheros XR mode came out long before Atheros started
supporting 5MHz and 10MHz channel modes so I'd expect the two features would work separately
but that's just a wild guess on my part..
I have always guessed that XR mode was still 20MHz
channel width but just with (more) redundant data.
Completely relying on processing gain for it's greater S/N performance figures.


Hello GeeTek welcome back Wink
I read every one of your links and commented in depth on both of them. (*I think). Smile
They were excellent useful information.
I'll go back & review again..

Yeah I'm really just having fun with it and terribly curious.

How did you know that you were actually in XR mode.
and what datarate/speed were you associated at?

What software/drivers did you use?

I've tried a number of combos in windows and have
never been able to make it or have never seen it
actually work yet.

Seems that the Linux community has done nothing with it besides declare it unsupported in two places.

Atheros has disabled it in ALL drivers newer than
FEB/2006 far as I have tested.

I'm almost totally convinced it never worked.

At least from my tests and the total lack of any accounts on the Internet of anyone testing it reviewing it or even just using it for extended range
like it was intended for and hyped by Atheros that it
would provide.

& why the hell did Atheros go and disable it in all
of the more recent drivers past a certain date with absolutely NO documentation of the change?


If you have an AP and a card that does "extended range" mode I'd absolutely LOVE to talk to you on the phone (my dime) andwalk you through a couple
of tests to see if even you can see XR mode work on
your end. in realtime Smile.

I think you may get the same result that I did here
Although you may have different hardware that I have
not tested here. :-)

I keep noting people say it only works on certain harware.
But Atheros shows it as available on every chipset I have tested it and there is no definitive list
that exists that shows which hardware it actually works on if this is the case.

So thank you for coming back for a visit!
I'm certainly past the frenzy stage at this point..
BUt still very curious.

If I need more range I'll use 900MHz. Wink
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 01, 2010 5:43    Post subject: Reply with quote
Look at TP-Link WR-542G:
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