WOL for WinXP workstations (solution)

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 10, 2009 21:24    Post subject: WOL for WinXP workstations (solution) Reply with quote
Hi guys!

I want to share the solution with the community. This is not the first time, when I looked for the problem workaround, but found the conversations that actually worth nothing.

Suppose, you have done everything suggested on Wiki page but still have no luck. Read on, may be this will help you.

This time I want to talk about WOL for WinXP worstatins. A lot of people complain that they can't wake up their boxes. There can be several issues with this. Let me list what I've found:

- make sure you use full path to wol: /usr/sbin/wol. The problem is that if you typr just wol, another binary will be invoked. To see it, type which wol. It will show you that /sbin/wol will be invoked by default. This is wrong. Always use /usr/sbin/wol
- some guys complains that they can wake up boxes only after the full shutdown. I ran into the same problem (this is all about WinXP, of course): if I put my box into hibernation, I wasn't able to wake it up anymore. The solution is very simple: go to Device manager (or run devmgmt.msc), select your ethernet adapter, double click on it and go to Power management tab. Check both Allow this device to bring the computer out of standby and Only allow management stations to bring computer out of standby.
If you check only the former, even simple ping wil wake you computer up!

That's it!

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 11, 2009 14:46    Post subject: Reply with quote
You make some good points.

Notice however, that the part about wol command is indeed mentioned in the Wiki article. That issue was found a while back.

Note that the full path to "/usr/sbin/wol" is important. Simply "wol" will not work.

The other binary is the wol daemon.

The developers fixed both of these for the upcoming v24 SP2 release. The GUI will now use the correct wol binary. But if you use command line you will still need to follow the wiki instructions (using /usr/sbin/wol)
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