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PostPosted: Mon May 09, 2022 17:56    Post subject: [Need a specialist] Reply with quote

I have the followings:

Wifi cards, all of them are AX 4X4 and M.2 connectors:

2,4 GHz: https://wallystech.com/Network_Card/DR9074-2.4G-PN01.1-Wifi-6-Qualcomm-QCN9074-Single-Band-2.4-GHz-4T4R-M.2-E-Key-Interface-802.11ax.html

5,6 GHz: https://wallystech.com/Network_Card/DR9074-5G-PN02.1-Wifi-6-Qualcomm-QCN9074-Single-Band-5-GHz-4T4R-M.2-E-Key-Interface-802.11ax.html

6,5 GHz: https://wallystech.com/Network_Card/DR9074-6E-Wifi6E-Qualcomm-QCN9074-Single-Band-6GHz-4T4R-M-2-E-Key-Interface-802-11ax.html

5G mobilnet: https://www.quectel.com/product/5g-rm500q-gl

There are 3 routers, where I have the hardwares but I need a specialist, how can install and finalize the softwares.

1. This is a PC:


Intel Core i7

32 GB mem


1 pc 2.5 eth port

A pile of USB inner and outer connectors

3 pcs M.2 slot for 3 wifi cards

Goal: center of communication = pc + wifi router + nas in one small box (existing mini ATX case)

If you have a small apt, you need only just this box.

2. This is a router:


1 pc 2.5 eth

4 pcs gigabit eth

integrated 2,4 AX wifi 2X2

integrated 5,6 AX wifi 2X2

1 pc M.2 slot for 6,5 wifi card

1 pc M.2 for 5G card

Now it is openwrt on it, but the manufacturer forgot to finish the software, so the wifi6e and the 5G do not work.

It has UART and cable for communicate with the bootloader.

Goal: 5G + wifi router

3. Mini router:

Rock PI E

1 pc gigabit eth

1 pc USB 3.0 (we can connect the 5G modem here with an existing converter)

I installed a debian the a 128GB EMMC, but I'm not a linux specialist, so I'm here without a working driver.

It has a basic wifi and a bluetooth but these are only for config for me.

Goal: 5G bridge / router.

Is anybody here who can help me remotely?

It is a project, not a charity.

Thank you!

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