smart DNS and DnsCrypt

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 09, 2021 17:16    Post subject: smart DNS and DnsCrypt Reply with quote
Can smart DNS and DnsCrypt be used together, If yes , how to configure?

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 09, 2021 17:29    Post subject: Reply with quote
good to know what is the reason for...?
If the reason is more security .... due to paranoia...than its a funny case...

just as a joke i would like to find if you can use unbound, stubby, smartDNS and DNSCypt at the same time and be super duper DNS secure... ? Laughing Laughing Laughing

In general they all work on the loop back interface, so i don't know how they will correlate together...its probably good to avoid those to work at the same time...

Ive no idea how the embedded SmartDNS will work with the GUI DNScrypt option...the only way to find is to try it it wont hurt...

for more details on encrypted DNS options check the green and red links in my signature or read forum sticky's about unbound, smartDNS encrypted DNS and so...lots of info on the subject...

Im using Stubby... Cool

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Stubby for DNS over TLS I DNSCrypt v2 by mac913
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 10, 2021 23:27    Post subject: Reply with quote
I choose Adguard ip4 DNS from the list of dnscrypt. Is it possible to run ip6 DNS as well? Or you can only choose one kind of DNS from the dnscrypt list?

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 19, 2021 21:13    Post subject: Reply with quote
The DNSCrypt links in my sig below show how to set up more than one DNSCrypt server. It's somewhat involved. You can't do it using the drop-down menu.

However, you don't need a separate IPv6 DNS arrangement if your goal is simply to retrieve both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses of websites from the DNS server, as that's the default behavior. There's actually no way to turn that feature off in dnsmasq.

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