New Build - 12/02/2021 - r47720

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 02, 2021 8:40    Post subject: New Build - 12/02/2021 - r47720 Reply with quote
Welcome to Marvell r47720 beta release thread for reporting, feedback to developers and community benefit.
Please do not flash builds until installation is understood, risks involved and device specific recovery methods.
Avoid discussions, create threads for questions, general problems or use search; this thread is not for support.
Please list router model & revision, operating & wireless mode(s) and exact filename/firmware image flashed.

Downloads: HTTPS, FTP

CLI Flash: 'cd /tmp' then 'wget {file URL}' (http only) or 'curl -O {file URL}' (http, https, ftp). 'write {file} linux' then 'reboot'.

Trac SVN: repository since last build r47695 (mirror)

OpenVPN 2.5.4: Changelog, Guides, Server, PBR, DNS, Kill Switch, Watchdog, Reverse PBR, Client, Multiple, tips & scripts.
WireGuard 1.0.20210606/Tools: Changelog, Guides, Client, Server, Advanced, PBR, KS, tips and scripts. Thanks BS & egc!

• WRT1200AC, WRT1200AC V2, WRT1900AC, WRT1900AC V2, WRT1900ACS, WRT1900ACS V2, WRT3200ACM and WRT32X.
MiniDLNACoovaChilliPrivoxyiperf3cakeFreeRADIUSOpenSSLdnsmasqUnboundTorAsteriskBusyBoxSquid SmartDNS mac80211
In-kernel Samba ksmbd 3.4.2++: default min/max versions revised. WSD updateANTFS/NTFS3 kernel mode driver+++
CVE-2020-26147, CVE-2020-24586, CVE-2020-24587 & CVE-2020-24588 Fragattack fixed.
• 'Assign WAN port to Switch' gone, set Connection Type Disabled. • WebUI MAC Filtering (47184-47205). • Sputnik removed.
• 'Ignore WAN DNS' also ignores WAN domain. • Milkfish removed.
New DD-WRT inspired themes conversion by the-joker & BrainSlayer, micro builds excluded.

Issues, observations, and/or workarounds reported:
WebUI: Clear history or use a portable. Temporary cache bypass: Ctrl+F5, Cmd+Shift+R or new private window/incognito.
Please report findings with steps needed to reproduce, configuration, clients, output, logs and important information below!

• For issues provide applicable info: 'dmesg' 'cat /tmp/var/log/messages', syslog klog, serial, strace, tcpdump, wireshark etc.
• Any firewall NAT or WAN issues, show output: 'iptables -vnL' 'iptables -t nat -vnL' 'iptables -t mangle -vnL' and /tmp/.ipt file.
• Gremlins: reset & configure manually, not restore a backup. Reboot. Search Trac & discuss in forum before opening tickets.
• Please include operating & wireless modes (e.g. Gateway, Router, AP, CB, WDS, Mesh) & relevant configuration information.

Example Template:
[b]Router/Version: [/b]
[b]File/Kernel: [/b]
[b]Previous/Reset: [/b]
[b]Mode/Status: [/b]
[b]Issues/Errors: [/b]

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 03, 2021 0:26    Post subject: Reply with quote
Router/Version: WRT1900ACSv1 / DD-WRT v3.0-r47720 std (12/02/21)
File/Kernel: CLI webflash / Linux 4.9.291 #2941 SMP Thu Dec 2 04:53:08 +07 2021 armv7l
Previous/Reset: r47695 / No
Mode/Status: Gateway, DNSmasq, OpenVPN Client, FreeRADIUS Server, VLANs, VAPs, WPA3 / Uptime 32 minutes
Issues/Errors: Running smoothly, thanks!

My DD-WRT Routers:
Linksys WRT1900ACS - Marvell (2x): r48646
Netgear R7000 - Broadcom (3x): r47720
Netgear R9000 - Atheros (1x): r47608
PC x86-64 VM - Atheros (1x): r46316
Linksys WRT54G/GS - Broadcom (4x): r44715
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 03, 2021 5:01    Post subject: Reply with quote
I loaded it up tonight. So far, so good on a Linksys WRT32XB

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 06, 2021 1:09    Post subject: Reply with quote
Router Model & Version: Linksys 3200ACM and Linksys 1900ACSv1
Firmware: DD-WRT v3.0-r47720 std (12/02/21)
File: ddwrt-linksys-wrt3200acm-webflash.bin, ddwrt-linksys-wrt1900acs-webflash.bin
Kernel: Linux 4.9.291 #2941 SMP Thu Dec 2 04:53:08 +07 2021 armv7l
Previous: DD-WRT v3.0-r47692 std (11/28/21)
Reset: No
Mode: AP / Gateway-mode (3200ACM), AP / Router-mode (1900ACSv1)
Uptime: ~3+ days
Status: Excellent release - roaming works; no iphone wifi hang-ups. 47692 was great too.
Issues/Errors: Minor gui issues
Linksys WRT3200ACM: gateway mode, DNSMasq for DNS and DHCP, Wireguard client (Mullvad), Firewall enabled, QoS enabled HTB-CAKE, PBR enabled, SFE disabled. NAS disabled. WIFI: 2.4ghz: NG-mixed, 20mhz channel width, channel 1, BI=100, DTIM=2 custom config: basic_rates=60 120 240 supported_rates=60 90 120 180 240 360 480 540. 5ghz: AC/N mixed, 40mhz channel width, channel 44+upper, BI=100, DTIM=2. Both radios: WPA2-CCMP-128, strict rekey enabled, 802.11r enabled, 802.11w disabled, disable eapol retries disabled.
Linksys WRT1900ACSv1: router mode; SFE enabled; everything else is disabled except WIFI. Just using it as a WAP hardwired to the 3200ACM above. All wifi settings are identical except the channels.
Clients: Apple MACOS x 4, IOS x 4, Apple TV, Chromecast Audio x 2, Eufy doorbells, Lutron Caseta, Axis Camera, Samsung TV, Nest thermostat, EtekCity outlets (Espressif), BlueSound/BlueOS devices...
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PostPosted: Tue Dec 07, 2021 1:03    Post subject: Upgraded sucessfully: Update Reply with quote
Router Model & Version: Linksys WRT3200ACM
Firmware: DD-WRT v3.0-r47720 std (12/02/21)
File: ddwrt-linksys-wrt3200acm-webflash.bin
Kernel: Linux 4.9.291 #2941 SMP Thu Dec 2 04:53:08 +07 2021 armv7l
Previous: DD-WRT v3.0-r47581 std (10/20/21)
Reset: YES: erase nvram and manually configured
Uptime: ~ 2 Days
Status: Solid release so far, seems like wifi signal rates have slightly improved
Issues/Errors: None so far
AP/Router with mix of Windows, Android and Apple. DNSMasq with DNSCrypt, Firewall enabled, extra IP rules, static leases, dnsmasq forwrding of bad domains, wifi WPA2 with AES, mac filtering

12/08 update: I made some tweaks:
1. cts/rts threshold to 2346 (same as I had it in 44048)
2. beacon / dtim to 300 / 1 (same as I had for 44048)

12/08 Update:
Connections are stable (great!) and overall it is a great build.
However, BTW I AM NOT TRYING TO DISPROVE ANYTHING HERE, JUST BEING TRUTHFUL: wifi speeds are still not like 44048. I can live with as a trade off for dnsmasq dnspooq fixes. e.g. using devices I always use for benchmarking, I always got 90%+ of my ISP's CAP on 44048. on 47720: I get 70-75% of the CAP

Anyay, I know Marvel hw is crap and I'll probably look for a R7800 or XR500 pre-owned with ddwrt. It is just hard to find one and I do not wish to speed a ton when this router is functional

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 07, 2021 2:03    Post subject: Reply with quote
Why are you using client mode threshold for AP? RTS/CTS protection and threshold are irrelevant for AP modes.
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