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PostPosted: Thu Aug 12, 2021 13:26    Post subject: Beyond the basics ..... learning Reply with quote
1) I'm trying to understand how my dd-wrt router hardware/firmware works.
2) I have the following home connections:
wall master socket(vodafone ISP) -> vodafone router (media room) ->(wired connection) Linksys wrt3200ACM (in my office)
3) dd-wrt: I'm presented with a miriad of things I don't understand vlan0, vlan1, eth0, eth1, ath0, ath1, br0 etc)
4) I get it all installed and working; do a backup of the settings; and, perform a router hardware reset. Just to make sure I can get it all back !!
5) I found this link extremely helpful explaining hardware architecture (though not my router)
6) Things are looking up in my quest for knowledge
7) It seems there are really two devices in my router box, a 'switch', and the 'router'.
8) It explains the mysterious interfaces vlan0, et0 etc
9) Now I'm feeling brave and look at the 'switch' configuration tab and, it appears, I can re-direct a WRT3200acm port direct to the WAN
That port is connected to my Ubuntu desktop machine
10) Now I think what will happen is that the port will get an IP address dynamically assigned from the vodafone router (
11) I reboot all routers and my PC.
12) My PC now has a private IP 169.xx.xx.xx (No WAN connection)
13) I log into the dd-wrt wirelessly through another Dell laptop XPS 13, Ubuntu
ssh -l root
14) I type 'route' and there is nothing routing anything except local stuff ( 2 entries)
15) I had previously done this on my working 'setup' and it provided a more comprehensive route table (multiple entries)
16) The only reason I went to dd-wrt was to use DnsMasq for local devices, that works, but I want to understand how dd-wrt works
and maybe become a bit more brave.
17) In general, what's happening here and where can I go to get help with my understanding.
I tried also justing adding 'br1' to see what happens and the same thing happened. I'm trying to learn !!
18) I think anyone who doesn't understand the 'hardware architecture' of their router doesn't have a chance with the WebGui interface.

** Just my humble opinion.
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