Chromecast Discover on WRT3200ACM Unreliable

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 21, 2020 16:35    Post subject: Reply with quote
Read any recent new-build thread in the Marvell forum. The 3200 is great as a wired router but difficult router for wifi. Recently all the Marvell routers are struggling with wifi in fact, so also go back and look at the new-build thread for 44048, which is the Marvell community's fallback build these days. It's about as good as it gets.

The big picture with the modern WRTblah line is that one has to pick one's build to flash VERY carefully, and its often quite a few months between builds in which the new-build thread gives one enough confidence to feel safe flashing. I'm still on 44048 from early August, waiting for another that feels safe for a "production" router with which I can't afford to have wifi issues.

Also, I personally feel I have the best of the WRT line. My WRT1900ACSv2 routers are pretty clearly less troublesome than the WRT3200ACM. But the WRT1900ACSv2 is not as fast as the Netgear R7800. Since the R7800 basically just works on most builds, because it is a primary development router in dd-wrt land, if I were starting over I'd probably go that way.

The only reason to take a chance on the WRT routers these days is to have two firmware partitions. I can do a remote flash of these routers on the other side of the continent if I'm careful. But if you don't absolutely need that...

Five WRT1900ACSv2's on 42926, 44048, 46069: VLANs, VAPs, NAS, client mode, OpenVPN client (AirVPN), DDNS, wireguard servers and clients (AzireVPN), two DNSCrypt DNS providers (incl Quad9) via OpenVPN/wireguard clients.
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AjkayAlan wrote:
ffernand wrote:
LookingForMyMojo wrote:
then read through the forum.

I've scoured through blog-posts and this forum for answers. The answers may be there, but I've exhausted my options, which is why I'm posting here.

Are there others who are having issues with their Chromecast on v34080 & WRT32000ACM? I would appreciate any help whatsoever, even if it's just confirmation that it's a problem.

I can confirm I have the same issue with most recent versions of ddwrt, lede, and stock. I believe it is an issue related to the firmware, and there is a large thread on Linksys forums regarding it.

Problem SOLVED!: Set Chromecast only works with Radio B/G only (and sometimes MIXED, depending one what's on your network).

Details here:

Verified on Netgear/R6300. IGMP, Multi-casting and other options had no effect, but multiple chromecasts as well as android-app (CastRecievers) immediately came online when switching to B/G only...

Posted to the latest chromecast incident w/resolution (review, and pass on if helpful).
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