New Build - 12-18-2020-r45036

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 18, 2020 16:03    Post subject: New Build - 12-18-2020-r45036 Reply with quote
[WARNING]: This thread is only for feedback on this beta release for developers and the community's benefit.
DO NOT flash this beta release unless you understand the risks involved and specific device recovery methods.
Avoid discussions! Create threads for questions, general problems or use search; this thread is not for support.
Please list router model & revision, operating & wireless mode(s) and exact filename/firmware image flashed.

WireGuard users read this first

Downloads: (DD-WRT website) HTTPS & FTP (try another if a link doesn't work)

CLI Flash: 'cd /tmp' then 'wget {file URL}' (or 'curl -k {file URL} -o {file}') with http (not https) or ftp. Then 'write {file} linux'.

Repository: Trac SVN changelog since last build r45000 (GitHub mirror)

• CVE-2019-14899 VPN fix (applicability depends on VPN setup) and GUI toggle. 6920, 6928, 6931, 6932 (WIP 7040)
In-kernel Samba has been implemented this year and default min/max versions have changed 6954, 6957, with WSD support.
• VAP issue is fixed! For any Wireless Mode, create a VAP and both ath0/ath1 should now function properly.
• Local DNS option removed from Services->DNSMasq in changesets 43080 and 43081; ref: #7092
• DHCP and DNS help (English) updated in 43083; ref: #7091
• WireGuard 1.0.20200908 & Tools: PBR, Kill Switch, Inbound Firewall, Naming of Peers, Status, Key, Guides. Thanks BS & egc!
• OpenVPN Version 2.5.0

• There may be remaining issues for Samba (for example NTFS), with frequent updates.

• If reporting issues provide applicable info: 'dmesg', 'cat /tmp/var/log/messages', syslog, serial output, strace, tcpdump etc.
• For firewall NAT or WAN issues provide 'iptables -vnL', 'iptables -t nat -vnL', 'iptables -t mangle -vnL' and the /tmp/.ipt file.
• Search existing SVN tickets before opening a new one. Before reporting, reset and manually setup (no nvram backup).
• Be sure to include operating and wireless modes (Gateway, AP, CB, etc.) along with relevant configuration information.

Example Template:
[b]Router/Version: [/b]
[b]File/Kernel: [/b]
[b]Previous/Reset: [/b]
[b]Mode/Status: [/b]
[b]Issues/Errors: [/b]

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 18, 2020 20:18    Post subject: Reply with quote
Hope to get into the lab to try this version out tomorrow.

Router/Version: Virtual Box
File/Kernel: 45036 Linux 4.9.248 #445 SMP Fri Dec 18 19:33:05 +07 2020 x86_64
Previous/Reset: 44944 No reset
Mode/Status: running, used as a router for network testing in a virtual network lab

radvd dies and must be manually restarted on command line with radvd -C /tmp/radvd.conf

does not crash if network not connected on boot


Dec 19 10:45:48 DD-WRT : radvd : daemon successfully stopped
Dec 19 10:45:48 DD-WRT daemon.warn radvd[3061]: exiting, 1 sigterm(s) received
Dec 19 10:45:48 DD-WRT radvd[3061]: sending stop adverts
Dec 19 10:45:48 DD-WRT radvd[3061]: removing /var/run/
Dec 19 10:45:48 DD-WRT radvd[3061]: returning from radvd main
Dec 19 10:45:48 DD-WRT radvd[3173]: version 2.19 started
Dec 19 10:45:48 DD-WRT : radvd : RADVD daemon successfully started
Dec 19 10:45:59 DD-WRT daemon.err radvd[3175]: Exiting, privsep_read_loop had readn return 0 bytes
Dec 19 10:45:59 DD-WRT daemon.err radvd[3175]: Exiting, privsep_read_loop is complete.
Dec 19 10:45:59 DD-WRT kernel: radvd[3174]: segfault at ffffffffd92c8ec0 ip 00007ff5c7890773 sp 00007ffdd92c8dd8 error 5 in[7ff5c788c000+47000]
Dec 19 10:46:20 DD-WRT login[3186]: root login on 'console'
Dec 19 10:46:23 DD-WRT kern.notice kernel: random: crng init done
Dec 19 10:47:21 DD-WRT radvd[3217]: version 2.19 started

Edited to fill in information

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 19, 2020 2:47    Post subject: Reply with quote
I just upgrade to this in my new X86_64 setup with no issues after about an hour. I will update if I do start having issues.
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