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PostPosted: Wed Nov 04, 2020 5:10    Post subject: Linksys EA6500v2 Installation - TFTP Reply with quote
Here is a tutorial on installing dd-wrt v3.0 on the Linksys EA6500 using tftp client. The router has a built in tftp server that is active for a short period after power-on, so you need to catch it while it is ready to receive.

The previous community post (which is unfortunately linked to from the wiki page for this model)
did not work for me: attempting a web upload would throw an "invalid firmware" apparently because of un-signed firmware. TFTP, however, works fine.

Fetch a copy of the firmware from
I successfully used r44715 (11/03/2020)

Power on the router, and hold the reset button for 15s to reset factory defaults. The LAN port lights flash momentarily. Unplug the router.

Set your PC to a static IP address in 192.168.1.x range, I used

Change directory to where you downloaded the firmware. Set up tftp by running the following commands:

$ tftp
tftp> binary
tftp> rexmt 1
tftp> timeout 60
tftp> trace
Packet tracing on.

This will prep the tftp client to re-transmit every second for sixty seconds.

Finally, prepare to upload by typing the following. After you hit enter, plug the router in!

tftp> put linksys-ea6500v2-webflash.bin

I plugged the router in about five seconds into the re-transmit, and the tftp transfer took off within 30 seconds and took about a minute to complete.

Once the transmit is complete, let the router sit for a few minutes. Then direct a browser to, and if you see the dd-wrt login, congratulations.

Note on 32k NVRAM bug: While I don't know much about this issue, it seemed to plague this series of models. The first thing I did after setting the router password was to go to Administration > Commands, and enter the following:

for line in `nvram show | grep =$ `; do var=${line%*=}; nvram unset $var; done

and click "Save Startup". Then under Administration > Management, click Reboot Router. This reduced my NVRAM from 30k to 22k, which seems to be the popular thing to do.
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 25, 2021 1:52    Post subject: Reply with quote
Hi, i installed sucessfully the ddwrt firmware using the original guide time ago.

I am running ddwrt 3.0 build 44085, i just wanna ask you if it is safe to upgrade to build 44715, have you experienced any problems? is it stable?

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