Connecting to Centurylink FTTH without a managed switched

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 24, 2019 6:28    Post subject: Connecting to Centurylink FTTH without a managed switched Reply with quote
I stumped upon this thread recently when I was trying to replace the Centurylink router with my 5-year-old rt-ac66u running DD-WRT.

The suggested solution is to use a managed switch to tag the vlan id to 201. A few years have passed since then. dd-wrt now finally supports vlan id going beyond 15. Details here: You'll need to flash a build that's > 35079, but the UI still doesn't support configuring vlans beyond 15. The good news is that you can now do this in CMD via ssh or telnet.

Here are the commands to swap the wan from vlan2 to vlan201:

nvram unset vlan2ports
nvram set vlan201ports="0t 8"
nvram set port0vlans="201 16 18 19 21"
nvram unset vlan2hwname
nvram set vlan201hwname=et0
nvram set pppoe_wan_ifname=vlan201
nvram set pppoe_ifname=vlan201
nvram set wan_ifname2=vlan201
nvram set wan_default=vlan201
nvram set wan_ifnames=vlan201
nvram set wan_ifname=vlan201
nvram set wan_iface=vlan201
nvram set vlan201_ipaddr=
nvram set vlan201_multicast=0
nvram set vlan201_label=
nvram set vlan201_dns_ipaddr=
nvram set vlan201_dns_redirect=0
nvram set vlan201_mtu=1500
nvram set vlan201_isolation=0
nvram set vlan201_nat=1
nvram set vlan201_bridged=1
nvram set vlan201_hwaddr=D8:50:E6:CC:51:F0
nvram set vlan201_netmask=
nvram set vlan201_txq=0
nvram commit
echo "" > /proc/switch/eth0/vlan/2/ports
echo "0t 8" > /proc/switch/eth0/vlan/201/ports
vconfig rem vlan2
vconfig add eth0 201
ifconfig vlan201 up
ifconfig vlan201 txqueuelen 0

After you run this, going to setup -> VLANs will crash the web server for the configuration GUI, so don't ever go there again after you've done this. But hey, you now have a working router connected to Centurylink Fiber w/o the managed switch. I hope the devs will eventually fix the UI for configuring vlans > 15.

Just sharing some info. I figured this could be helpful to others to save sometime going through the dd-wrt wikis. Very Happy Very Happy
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 24, 2019 8:15    Post subject: Reply with quote
Can you please confirm the commands? Should line 5 say eth0 instead of et0? Maybe the ifconfig commands need review?

nvram set vlan201hwname=et0

I got to the ifconfig commands but got errors


root@DD-WRT:~# ifconfig vlan201 up
ifconfig: ioctl 0x8913 failed: No such device
root@DD-WRT:~# ifconfig vlan201 txqueuelen 0
ifconfig: SIOCSIFTXQLEN: No such device

I ended up finishing the commands by using "ifconfig eth0.201..." but after the reboot, it looked like my settings had been reset. I just flashed my Netgear R7000 back to factory so I could get internet back.
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 23, 2020 19:39    Post subject: Reply with quote
I am trying to cut out the Zyxel "modem" from my configuration with fiber to the house from CenturyLink. I have a spare R6700v3 that I just updated to the latest DD-WRT yesterday that I intend to use as the router in place of the Zyxel C1100. The research I have done on this leads me to believe that I will need to adjust my WAN setup and Networking config as in the attached pics.

What I am trying to accomplish is adding the 201 VLAN tag to all the WAN traffic based on numerous references I have found online. Some older references on this forum refer to setting the "Tagged" flag in the switch config but when I do that it bricks the device and I have to do a factory reset to be able to get back into the GUI. I am doing this config before I attach it to the ONT as I want to bring my LAN down for as little time as possible.


1. Does anyone have a successful version of this endeavor that they can share?
2. Does it at least look like this might work as configured?


Nighthawk Basic Setup Tab.JPG
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Nighthawk Basic Setup Tab.JPG

Nighthawk Networking Tab.JPG
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Nighthawk Networking Tab.JPG

Nighthawk Switch Config Tab.JPG
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Nighthawk Switch Config Tab.JPG

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