Help with Flashing wrt3200acm

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 08, 2019 23:30    Post subject: Help with Flashing wrt3200acm Reply with quote
Ok first let me appologise if this is a NOOB question and/Or if it's been covered a zillion times. I will be honest I searched and while I found some helpful topic I do not believe any answers the question I have.

So here goes. I Have a WRT3200ACM which I installed DDWRT on. It's only been flashes once so I understand that DDWRT is only on 1 partition right now and Linksys stock is on the other.

I would like to keep the router this way where Linksys firmware is on one boot partition (as a fail back / stock redundancy) and have DDWRT on the active partition. My question is what steps would I follow to update the DDWRT version having it install onto the same partition ddwrt is currently on and preserve all my settings such as QOS rules, static DHCP, wifi settings etc.

It's my understanding that if I install the updated ddwrt from my running ddwrt instance it will actually install onto the other boot partition overwriting the stock Linksys firmware which is exactly what I dont want to do.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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please read the cliff notes
worth while reading all but you need this
Using Telnet/SSH and the ubootenv set boot_part command (described below) it is possible to upgrade to a newer version of DD-WRT without the need to manually switch back to Stock Firmware Partition. All previously configured settings will remain intact.

1. Use the ubootenv get boot_part command to learn the current Partition in use.
2. Use the ubootenv set boot_part (1 or 2 – the opposite number returned in Step 1) command.
4. In DD-WRT GUI – Administration Tab – Firmware Upgrade Sub Tab: Upload the new ’dd-wrt webflash.bin’ file for your Router & Hardware Version. MAKE SURE THAT NO RESET IS SELECTED.
5. After Firmware Upgrade is finished the Router will automatically reboot.

*You should now have the new DD-WRT upgrade on the current Partition and OEM Firmware will still be intact on opposite partition.
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