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PostPosted: Sat May 25, 2019 4:43    Post subject: Router comapibility Reply with quote
I apologize if I am putting this in the wrong section, I tried my best to see it is is (I almost put it in general but to help you guys i did a little digging to find the chip). But I am wondering if there is a way to put in a request for the Zbt-we826-t router for dd-wrt or if it is already compatible or not.

The specs are (from

Architecture: MIPS
Vendor: MediaTek (Ralink)
System-On-Chip: Mediatek MT7620A ver:2 eco:6
CPU: MIPS 24KEc V5.0
CPU Speed: 580 MHz
Flash: 16 MB Winbond 25Q128
RAM: 128 MB
Wireless: SoC
Ethernet: 10/100
SD: Yes 1x
e-PCI: Yes 1x
SIM-slot: Yes 1x (accessible from inside only - connected to e-PCI)
Serial: Yes

It would be great if someone could help me because I'm trying to do a vpn, however the openwrt is just a pain to do, and it's slow and I want to be able to speed it up using dd-wrt, as well a more user friendly UI.
Again it would be awesome if someone could help me!

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PostPosted: Sat May 25, 2019 18:43    Post subject: Reply with quote
eibgrad wrote:
The following is the kiss of death when it comes to VPN performance on that router.

CPU Speed: 580 MHz

Just not powerful enough. If you want anything close to your ISP's bandwidth (assuming the VPN provider isn't the bottleneck), you're not going to get it until you get something around 1.4GHz or better (and the better, the better).

The problem w/ most VPNs is that they run in user space, NOT the kernel. And that's very costly because it results in too many ring changes (i.e., having the router constantly jump back and forth between user space and the kernel). And the *only* way to improve the situation is w/ raw horsepower.

So if your primary motivation is better VPN performance, it's time to start looking for a *much* better router (e.g., ASUS RT-AC86U w/ 1.8GHz, dual core processor).

P.S. I have an ASUS RT-AC68U (not 86U), w/ 800MHz processor and only get 16-18% of my ISP's available bandwidth (120Mbps) when using OpenVPN. So you can expect even less w/ that 580MHz processor, maybe 10-12% at best.

Ahh that makes sense why it’s so slow with the VPN. Because what I am doing is trying to game with NordVPN, and the latency is terrible, and the reason I’m using a vpn, is because well I’m using At&t cell towers with a hotspot, (the latency is about 40ms with about 90 mbps) and their firewall is so restricted, so on my Nintendo switch I get a Nat type of D, however with the NordVPN on the router I get a NAT type of B. When I’m using the Clint of NordVPN it’s much more faster than the router using the VPN and is actually usable. According to Speedtest, the Client is about 80ms with Nord (I think, I can’t remember the exact amount), with about I think 20-40mbps, and the router I get a latency of 120-140ms with speeds of like 4-7mbps, and keep in mind this is all wired, not wireless. (The hotspot is wired to the router). I even followed instructions on how to get NordVPN to work with Openwrt. I even read that NordVPN is compatible with DD-WRT, so I was thinking if I was able to get DD-WRT on it, that it would have less latency and a little bit faster speeds. So in this scenario do you have any recommendations on what I should do?
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