Help needed with trunked VLAN on ISP's WAN port

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 30, 2019 5:40    Post subject: Help needed with trunked VLAN on ISP's WAN port Reply with quote
I've upgraded the firmware on my Netgear R7000 from stock to DD-WRT (v3.0-r37015M (09/23/1Cool), such that I can enjoy the additional features this brings (DNS, SSH, webserver, proper firewall, etc.). If somebody can help with my VLAN problem below I would be very grateful Smile.

I originally posted this in the Advanced Networking Forum, but they pointed me to this forum as I have a Broadcom chipset.

VLAN tagging problem
Unfortunately, I cannot get internet to work yet, as I'm not sure how to implement VLAN tagging.

My ISP provides internet and IPTV trunked over one line as follows:

Ethernet VLAN Priority/ VLAN ID: 1/34
IPTV_Ethernet VLAN Priority/ VLAN ID: 5/4

On the stock Netgear firmware, I solved this by adding VLAN ID 34 at prio 1 to all LAN and WAN portsin the Advanced -> VLAN settings:


However I don't know how to do this in DD WRT. Does anyone know how to replicate this in DD-WRT?

Similar issues

  1. I found this post that seems to solve my problem for an Atheros-based router, but that does not work for me as I don’t have swconfig:

    Does not work for me:
    swconfig dev eth0 vlan 2 set vid 500
    swconfig dev eth0 vlan 2 set ports '0t 5t'
    swconfig dev eth0 vlan 1 set ports '0t 1 2 3 4 5t'
    swconfig dev eth0 set apply
    vconfig add eth0 500
    ifconfig vlan500 up
    nvram set pppoe_wan_ifname=“vlan500"

  2. I also found a possible solution via OpenWRT using /etc/config/network, but that file does not exist on DD-WRT (different architecture?).

  3. This post is similar, alas without solution.

  4. I read the Switched Ports wiki article, but the example there does not work for me (see below).

  5. I’ve also read this post, but afraid I don’t fully understand it.

My attempts
Attempt 1
Based on the above and some more, I made the following attempts. My default config is as follows:

root@R7000:~# nvram show | grep vlan.*ports | sort
size: 38284 bytes (27252 left)
vlan1ports=4 3 2 1 5*
vlan2ports=0 5u
root@R7000:~# nvram show | grep port.*vlans | sort
size: 38284 bytes (27252 left)
port0vlans=2 18 19 21
port1vlans=1 18 19 21
port2vlans=1 18 19 21
port3vlans=1 18 19 21
port4vlans=1 18 19 21
port5vlans=1 2 16
root@R7000:~# nvram show | grep vlan.*hwname | sort
size: 38284 bytes (27252 left)

Such that I thought this would solve it:

# Set up VLAN 34
nvram set vlan34hwname=et0
# Set tagging on 0 (WAN port)
nvram set vlan34ports="0t 5u"
# Set reciprocal values on port* variables
nvram set port0vlans="34 18 19 21"
nvram set port5vlans="1 34 16"
# Unset the old VLAN 2
nvram unset vlan2ports
nvram unset vlan2hwname

# Not sure if this is necessary, the startup script doesn’t work either with or without
/sbin/ifconfig vlan2 down
/sbin/vconfig rem vlan2
/sbin/vconfig add eth0 34
/sbin/ifconfig vlan34 up
/sbin/ifconfig vlan34 txqueuelen 0

# Use newly created VLAN34 for WAN as well.
nvram set wan_default="vlan34"
nvram set wan_ifname2="vlan34"
nvram set wan_ifname="vlan34"
nvram set wan_ifnames=“vlan34"

nvram commit

However, after I nvram commit & reboot, DD-WRT resets itself completely, including the username & password.

Attempt 2
I also tried a solution based on this solution, but translating this and using it as a startup script also doesn’t work for me:

# Based on
# Clear VLAN 2
echo "" > /proc/switch/eth0/vlan/2/ports
# Configure VLAN 34 with WAN port (tagged) and CPU port (untagged)
echo "0t 5u" > /proc/switch/eth0/vlan/34/ports

Furthermore, the settings are not stored literally, which makes me think I set something wrong:

root@DD-WRT:~# cat /proc/switch/eth0/vlan/34/ports
0t 5t*

And somehow nvram does not show the /proc settings at all:

root@DD-WRT:~# nvram show | grep vlan34
size: 35524 bytes (30012 left)

Attempt 3
I’ve also tried yet another solution proposed, and translated that to my situation as follows:


# Remove old VLAN
/bin/echo "" > /proc/switch/eth0/vlan/2/ports

# Add new VLAN. Neither “0 5t” nor “0t 5t” work
/bin/echo "0t 5t" > /proc/switch/eth0/vlan/34/ports

# remove and add interface, with exciting new parameter set_name_type
/sbin/vconfig rem vlan2
/sbin/vconfig set_name_type VLAN_PLUS_VID_NO_PAD
/sbin/vconfig add eth0 34
/sbin/ifconfig vlan34 up

And finally enable WAN on vlan34 manually via the web interface, alas also without success, but at least DD-WRT did not reset itself.

Some things I'm confused about:

  1. What is the difference between the "VLAN Tagging" settings on Setup -> Networking and the "Tagged" option on Setup -> VLANs? In the Atheros example above, VLAN #2 is tagged with ID 500, so this means these are two different parameters? Possible answer (source) is that these two settings are for Broadcom/Atheros chipsets. However this conflicts with answers where VLAN number != VLAN TAG ID, i.e. that vlan2 can be tagged with vlan ID 34.
  2. Why is swconfig not available on all routers? Can I replicate all swconfig commands with nvram equivalents?
  3. Why does DD-WRT reset all settings after I update settings via nvram? Is this a fail-safe to protect against bad settings?
  4. Do I need all VLAN settings shown in nvram or not? Why do nvram settings not show up in /proc/switch/eth0/vlan/34 and vice versa?

Does anyone have an idea how to solve this? Thanks in advance!
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