Installing X86 64Bit DD-WRT

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 19, 2019 5:13    Post subject: x86_64 Setup Diagram Reply with quote
Hi flood404
I just received notice of your post. The diagram straightens out a lot of the issues I did not understand. Thank you. I have been side tracked on another project and haven't spent much time on this one. I can now get back to it and I totally understand the diagram.
I hope to get back to this setup over the winter and I will follow your diagram. I will pass for now on the very kind offer to setup a NAS. As I proceed I may get back to you with my progress.
Have a great day and thanks again...

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 19, 2019 9:30    Post subject: Reply with quote
Ok if you never plan on using the NAS features you just need a basic Dual core system with 2GB ram or more. If you ever do plan on installing a hard disk for storage for NAS you will want a good fast cpu and 6Gb or more of ram.

Now if you did not want to use a WIFI router for WIFI access and want WIFI directly from this PC system running dd-wrt. Your going to have to buy an Atheros Based WIFI adapters. You will need two of them for the 2.4GHz band and 5GHz bands. 1 WIFI adapter can't do both bands. Also you have to install the paid version which includes WIFI support. The free version has no WIFI support enabled. Also the Free version only has 4096 ports that can be used at once instead of 65335 ports that TCP/IP can allow. This is why I have a WIFI routers so I did not have to buy additional hardware or guess which cards are supported.

Also I forgot to mention once you have DD-WRT running an enabled WAN connection from dd-wrt configuration page and save and apply settings. Your going to have to power cycle the modem. The ISP's lock the WAN ip to the MAC address of what it was connected to and changing devices on the modem on the fly is not allowed. Your forced to power cycle the modem to get your DD-WRT system online.

The oldest system I ran DD-WRT on was a Pentium III at 550MHz coppermine on a Dell L550R which I did get a 1GHz Pentium III cpu on that system down the road. I had 256MB ram PC133 ram and no NAS or anything. I did have Gigabit PCI cards connected to the system. It handled the 100Mbps connection I got from the ISP perfectly. Had 7 computers connected and few cell phones all hammering on it. I think it would have handled 200 to 500Mbps at best. I was running Ares and uTorrent until they started to hand out DMCA notices. I was burning out consumer routers right and left from constant utorrent use and got tired of spending $80 every 6 months for a replacement router. A computer can take the beating and still work fine. The only issue I had is when I went to a socket 775 that was working on a prayer because it was abused and it was a low end motherboard that only supported Conroe and Prescott processors. It was freezing up just being in bios settings when I stopped using it after 2 years of use. So I built a new system from a Dell Studio 540 motherboard. I had 0 issues with this system and it only cost me $26 from Ebay just for the motherboard. I had everything else laying around from upgrades.
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