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PostPosted: Tue Sep 18, 2007 20:21    Post subject: Reply with quote
Can anyone get this to work on a version 2 router? I am using the generic standard version and can't get it to flash. Bricked the first time, and subsequent tries simply fail (after I recovered it).

I am currently running v24Beta which I successfully upgraded to from RC3 mini.

RC3 mini:
Every page has the page name of "error"
No bandwidth tracker - is it supposed to be in this version?
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PostPosted: Tue Sep 18, 2007 21:30    Post subject: Wireless function dies after pwr off&on (WRT54Gv8 & Reply with quote
I think I should have posted this in this topic:

Hi Folks,

I successfuly managed to upload the DD-WRT v24 RC3 to a brand new WRT54G v8. Everything seems to work fine until I power cycle the router. Once I power cycle the router, all the settings are preserved but the Wireless Lan SSID will not broadcast. I can't detect it with Netstumbler. I also can't use any kind of "connect even if ssid is not broadcast" from Windows' own Wireless connection manager or HP & IBM wireless connection utilities. I even tried from a desktop PC using a USB 802.11g adapter (branded TrendNET).

The only thing that would make the wireless work again is to re-upload the DD-WRT v24 RC3 however that only makes it work until next power cycle.

One thing I noticed is that after the power cycle either the RX or TX on the status screen of the router says zero packets, even though wireless clients are trying to connect and there are netstumbler sessions probing the airwaves. Sorry I can't remember if in fact it was the TX or the RX that showed the zero as I do not have the router with me at this moment (but I can find out in a couple hours if needed).

Any ideas?


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PostPosted: Tue Sep 18, 2007 23:08    Post subject: Reply with quote
jsmiddleton4 wrote:
And you should drop the free part of your comment before you end up insulting some since there are people who just can't afford...

Now that's funny. They can afford broadband, computers, routers, etc., but NOT make a contribution for the firmware? Who, name one? Please, name one person who uses this forum and the DDWRT firmware who can afford ALL the other stuff that you need to be on-line and actually use ddwrt who can't afford to make some kind of payment to support the firmware.

And by the way by paying I do not expect to be treated any different. Paying does not mean I have any expecation to be given anything other than normal consideration.

I guessing you were never a student or you would remember how tight the budget is but how important Internet is.
Trust me they praise the guys here every day and they are just one example we haven't even mentioned home business.

As for paying it plain you don't know or understand but brain sells hardware with custom ddwrt firmware were you can expect priority support and the the donation thing which is just the cool thing to do when.

Now all that aside we should really continue this with pm or something as this thread was for bugs and not our disagreement.

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 18, 2007 23:36    Post subject: Reply with quote
dhcp server didn't work for me. i've never had a major issue with dd-wrt up until installing RC3. the only way i could fix was by reinstalling RC1. i don't know what's going on lately but it sure seems like the dd-wrt is going backwards instead of forwards. this is by far the sloppiest project i've ever seen. i believe it comes down to lack of testing.. your users are testing your software and they find just an overwhelming number of problems, which ultimately turns them away. this software needs to be RIGOROUSLY tested before it even makes it out the door.. not this slap it together and see what the feedback b.s. is. i mean, all i see on here is bug, after bug, after bug on here.. which rarely get fixed, and even if they do, something else is broken because of it. your supposed to be fixing things, not breaking things. get it together guys, seriously.
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 19, 2007 0:06    Post subject: Reply with quote
I have been visiting this forum a lot, and my first time posting a bug for the v24 RC3 on WHR-HP-G54.

I have a virtual and physical wireless interfaces setup. When I have WPA Personal (AES or TKIP) enabled on the physical interface, none of my devices can connect. However, my devices can connect through WPA on the virtual interface.

I reset the router to default and re-config it many times, it seems WPA works fine if it is on virtual interface.

My devices that works with WPA on virtual interface:
Dell M1210 w/ Intel 4965 AGN
Dell 640M w/ Intel 3945 ABG
Sony PSP M33 3.60

Devices that works on WEP on physical interface:
Nintendo Wii
Toshiba PocketPC
Nintendo DS
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 19, 2007 3:08    Post subject: Reply with quote
RC3 generic micro on a WRTG54 V6 running 4 days, 17 hours in the client bridged mode. I had 2 computers plugged in for several days, which is supposed to be non optimal, but no problems.

SVG? You could install Firefox and use it solely as a viewer, it will not kill your system, or are you a Microsoft purist running a Linux router?

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 19, 2007 3:34    Post subject: Reply with quote
Or just wait.

I waited this long for good firmware for my wrt300n mistake so i am more then happy to wait for the bandwidth bug to be addressed.

I am wondering about the memory thing since a 6 meg increase in mem ussage when i am not really downloading seems odd but it could be its normal enough for this router do to its larger amount of ram.

All have to monitor it and see if it keeps dropping or recovers.
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 19, 2007 4:28    Post subject: Re: PPPoE broken ASUS WL550gE Reply with quote
moran wrote:
PPPoE broken is broken with ASUS WL550gE using ASUS image I am going to retry with V23 SP2

Today I have had some time to eliminate the hardware as the issue.

I thought the issue may have been my Dlink DSL-504G in bridged mode so I dusted off my old Dlink DSL-300 (Ethernet Modem) but was still unable to connect to internet via PPPoE.
So I took the drastic step of restoring Factory ASUS firmware hard reset the router and configured PPPoE settings and it connected first go.

So I have come to the conclusion there is an issue with DD-WRT v23 SP2 and v24 RC3.

Has anyone successfully configured PPPoE on ASUS router?


Success :)

I played around tonight and managed to get PPPoE working

First I disabled WAN then configured WAN port as standard Switch port.

Then I re-enabled WAN setup for DHCP and was able to get an IP address (from existing ADSL router) and able to web surf.

Finally I bridged ADSL router and configured PPPoE and was able to connect successfully.

Strange Bug.

Factory Specifications are optional

DD-WRT v24 SP1 standard

dd-wrt v24 SP7 mini
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 19, 2007 16:04    Post subject: RC3 Bugs Reply with quote
First and foremost, THANX TO ALL who assist in the development of this wonderful firmware. It has enabled me to do things with my routers that I couldn't even imagine, without ya'!!

Second, b/w monitoring worx GREAT for me, using FF on Ubuntu Feisty.. Not a necessary feature, but WONDERFUL to have!!! Thanx again...

Third, I flashed from RC1 -> RC2 -> RC3 without reset and reload of config's, so that may be the cause of some (if not all) of my issues. I'll try that, and see what happens.

Fourth, the bugs I believe I've found:

1. Multiple wireless networks, one with hidden SSID and WPA Personal for private use, the other public (for use on chillispot) leaves me unable to connect to private side. I, as well as others, have already brought this up in discussion, and with each flash, I hold out hope that it will be fixed. It has remained, since RC1, AFAIK.

2. It seems that the chillispot config is no longer working, as I receive dhcp in the same subnet when connecting to wired or either of my wireless... This, of course, means that the hotspot is dead, until I can get it working, again. I have disabled chillispot, removed vwlan, and WPA'd the only remaining, until I have more time to play with it.

Before I get flamed or argued with, as seems to be happening quite a bit, in this thread, PLEASE, understand that I'm NOT COMPLAINING, DEMANDING that my issues be fixed right this second, or even stating that these issues are not due to my own upgrading habits. I'm SIMPLY mentioning them, in case they are bugs. I love this firmware, but am not capable (yet) of contributing anything more than information on my own experiences with it, toward it's development.

WHR-G54S, WHR-HP-G54 - DD-WRT v24 (Generic), WRT310N testing for / awaiting support
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 19, 2007 18:38    Post subject: Reply with quote
DMZ and port forwarding dont work with my linksys wrt54g rev 2.0 I'm running rc3 mini.
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 19, 2007 19:02    Post subject: WRT350N Reply with quote
WRT350N Wireless-N Xmit power still not work same setting as 28mw
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 19, 2007 19:35    Post subject: Some bugs Reply with quote
Hi there,

got Firmware: DD-WRT v24 RC-3 (09/13/07) micro
working on a WRT54G v8 with both samsung chips.

Had no problem at all with the flash.
The router keeps the settings just fine even if unplugged for a while (days).

I'm "borrowing" my connection to our neighbours so I can't test the normal router use of the firmware.
But I tried to use it as a "receiver" for wireless signal then forwarding it wi-fi and LAN.
I couldn't get it working. (used same config as I did with a WRT54G V2 running V23, wich by the way is working great for some months now at a friends house).

Here's the details:
On the Status-->Wireless page under wireless nodes you click site survey.
That seams to work fine, got all the wireless network available around.
Except for the noise level which is stuck at -105 (not a big issue).
Then you click the the network you'd like to join.
Brings you to the Wireless-->Basic Settings screen.
All the configuration looks fine there too. (no need to click apply or save, everything is already written to flash.)

But when you go back to Status-->Wireless page under wireless nodes you should see the status of the connection you have with your wireless "provider".
It stays empty.
And of course, the connection doesn't work.

Let me know if I did something wrong, and/or if I'm the only one with that issue.

Oh and something else...
On the setup page, where you set the starting DHCP address.
It's by default, works fine, first computer to connect gets 100.
Then I changed it to 150 to be out of my "provider" DHCP range.
Then strangely, every time I connect I get
Once again not that much of a problem, but weird.

And one last thing that is probably even already fixed.
The Status--> Sys-Info which is pretty darn dark. (just the white background missing)

that's it for now.

Thanx to everyone working on this.
Doin' a mighty good job. =0)


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PostPosted: Wed Sep 19, 2007 20:08    Post subject: Reply with quote
Wrt300n memory recovers about half of what it looses when first installed going from a 6 meg drop up to a 3 meg drop.

This is after 5 days of use which though a little odd seems to have no affect on performance and not even coming close to all the free memory this router has has.
(finally its good for something)

All other bugs i have found others have already reported and i have hammered the heck out of the router since the last firmware came out so its holding up great.
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2007 1:39    Post subject: DNS failures, DHCP static leases Reply with quote
Last weekend I decided to try out dd-wrt for the first time on Linksys WRT54GL and WAP54G v1.

I started with the WAP54G. I uploaded DD-WRT v24 RC-3 (09/13/07) mini via the web interface (it has had the HyperWAP firmware on it for several years). I was a little anxious since the Wap54G is on the roof connected to a large omni-directional antenna.
The upgrade went perfectly and after I'd configured it, it can do WPA2 which means all the WAPs can operate WPA2 instead of WPA at last. I installed the 'micro' edition of the firmware as the final solution.

Next I decided to go ahead and upgrade the WRT54GL. It was acquired earlier this year and had the stock Linksys firmware. I didn't want to lose all the custom configuration so I went ahead and uploaded DD-WRT mini via the Linksys web interface. The router restarted, had kept the configuration, and was immediately online.

I updated to the 'vpn' edition to allow for future options.

It is configured with the WAN interface connected to an ADSL router, which handles a /29 public subnet. The WAN interface of the WRT54GL has one of those public IPs statically assigned.
The LAN & Wireless interfaces are operating DHCP for an internal /24 subnet and DNSmasq is enabled, with its 'local' option too.

Internal DHCP clients use it to resolve DNS names.

After a couple of days I had an issue where the LAN clients lost the ability to resolve addresses. Doing a 'dig' to the WRT54GL returned an empty A record. Simply doing "Apply Settings" (without changing anything) will correct this for a time - sometimes many hours, sometimes only a few minutes.

Earlier tonight I had it happen and tried both "Apply Settings" and a router reboot but both only corrected it for a few minutes. I tried disabling the DNSmasq options and re-enabling but again, resolving would fail with an empty A record after a few minutes.

Then for no apparent reason the problem corrected itself and for the past few hours it has been fine again.

Free memory is reported as 1.8MB so I'm doubtful it is running low. Load average is low, I've done some digging about but can't see any clues on this.

Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction so I can debug it.

Another issue I discovered was when trying to add static leases to the DHCP server via the web interface I can type the values into the edit-boxes, and press Add. A new line will appear under the column headers but there are no values displayed and the device does not receive the lease as defined, so I'm guessed the values aren't being applied correctly.

Finally, like a few other reports I noticed in this thread I had a few occasions where the apply button would fail. When I checked the Firefox cache I noticed that the URLs of the links had the prefix 'id=xxxx&page_url' which would break, whereas good links would simply be 'page_url'. Looks like an intermittent Javascript URL-builder issue.
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2007 11:20    Post subject: Reply with quote
Dont read the Whole Thread, but I post now my "Impression"
Many Problems with RC3, first SMTP did not work correctly, not all Mails coming in(DNS Problem?)
Im from Germany, most of german Mails I can get(like GMX oder anything else)but there are Problems with Mails from Spain,England, Italy and so on,

Try to get to Microsoft, no chance,equal DE or COM or Update

Logfiles for incoming and outgoing will be empty, but there is Traffic to 100%

Bandwithmonitor works fine,but Im back to V23,nedd ALL my Mails :)

Oy yes, forgotten, the DNS Problem Microsoft and a lot of Mails is only wired, with Wlan it seems to be ok
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