DD-WRT v24 on x86 based system

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 16, 2017 11:03    Post subject: DD-WRT v24 on x86 based system Reply with quote
Hi everyone,

Ive currently managed to get DD-WRT v24 x86 to run on my spare PC but im having a problem getting it up and running properly.

Im able to log into the root user but i dont know how to use most of the commands within.

PC specs as follows:

    CPU - Intel core 2 duo 6300

    RAM - 2GB DDR2

    HDD - IDE 40GB MBR with DD-WRT v24 x86 parttion IMAGE installed.


    Network - Internal Gigabyte ethernet + USB TP-LINK TL-WN725N

After booting system up it runs through a series of commands and then gets stuck on "gethostbyname:Network is unreachable"

a previous error viewed as screen is paused and waiting for user input is : "error:Necessary service setting not found: milkfish_username - aborting."

Please can i get some feedback on where i need to go from here to get it up and running.(not running VM-WARE)

Thank you,

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 21, 2018 22:05    Post subject: Setting up DD-WRT Reply with quote
I want you to do this and verify you got these installed.

I want you to use the x64 bit version. There is two reasons for this.

First one the free x86 one only supports 1 core on your cpu. Your processor has 2 cores so your limiting yourself with 32bit in that area. Also if your board support 4GB ram I highly suggest you get more ram from ebay which is going for peanuts for DDR2.

Number 2 I found out that the driver support sucked on quite a few gigabit Ethernet controllers for the 32bit version. I have Intel Pro 1000Mbps that would not work on the 32bit but works great for the 64bit version.

You need to use this image here for that system.


I recommend you start over by wiping out that 40GB hard drive you can use Windows operating system to do this. Just delete all partitions and format as NTFS drive then use the Physdisk write to put the image on the 40GB or however you did it the first time.

Then verify to me that you have two Ethernet adapters. I do not care if they are PCI PCI-E or Onboard. 100mbps will work but if your internet plan is 100Mbps or higher get some gigabit cards on ebay for your system.

Then when you see the dd-wrt is done booting take an Ethernet wire from a cable modem that is on and when you plug it in. It will spit out the message on the screen that says something like Ethernet 0 is up that is your WAN connection which is for cable modems or DSL modems. If you see Ethernet 1 is up and its connected to the modem it will not work and you can't access the web gui page. Ethernet 1 though how many cards you have installed is for the LAN or your home network. From that connection you can slap an non managed switch (I prefer a gigabit switch but 100Mbps switch works) to that Ethernet 1 connection to share your connection. Or use a crossover Ethernet cable to direct connect to a PC. Then Connect the Modem to the one that says Ethernet 0 is up. And reboot your modem so it can get the mac address from your DD-WRT box.

Once the modem is back online you need to setup the WAN connection at address and your default password is root for user name and admin is the password. Then go to the WAN tab and select Automatic DHCP which will bring it online and start working as a router.

Then you can configure it to your liking. If you want a WIFI connection I recommend you just buy a cheap wireless N router for that and configure it as a DHCP forwarder so your DD-wrt box controls all the IP assignments.

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 21, 2018 22:14    Post subject: I see you posted the motherboard and the hardware Reply with quote
Ok your board is a VIA chipset. What does it have for the onboard Ethernet controller? Realtek or VIA Rhine.

For the RAM DD-WRT 64bit will run on 2GB ram just fine.
I see it only has 2 memory slots.

As for the Wifi USB adapter for that to work you need to pay for the DD-WRT full version which supports wifi adapters.

But I remember reading they only support certain kinds of adapters like Atheros or Broadcom. I never bought the full version to try several adapters here. So I use a Netgear 3700v3 with DD-WRT to provide wireless access. Or Linksys 320N or even a Netgear 2000v2 works with DD-wrt firmware but that one only works at 10/100 speeds. The others are gigabit capable.
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